Dan Stein - Ballads about Friends and Angels

Ballads about Friends and Angels

Artist : Dan Stein
Title : Ballads about Friends and Angels
Label : Dreamer Music

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All songs written, composed and performed by Dan Stein. All songs co-composed by Lexa A. Thomas. All songs arranged by Dan Stein and Lexa A. Thomas. All main vocals, backing vocals, choirs, pianos and keys by Dan Stein. Guitars at # 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12 by Jakub Sedlák. Guitars at # 6 by Michael Ritter. Drums at # 3, 4, 5 by Göksel Seven. Drums at # 2, 6, 8 by Jan Trojanowski. Bass by Lexa A. Thomas. Recorded, edited and mixed at „Lexa-Music / Berlin“ by Lexa A. Thomas. Mastering at „Mix Berlin“ by Sebastian Braunreuther.

Artwork by Hannes Kreuziger, Photography by Oliver Noetzel. Published by Dreamer Music, Copyright 2020, www.dreamer-music.com. LC57990. SUISA®